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 The use of a Wear Guard allows a cow 4 to 6 weeks to re-grow natural hooves. For use when the cow is walking slowly or gingerly or shows signs of excessive hoof wear. A Wear Guard can effectively prevent future lameness.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use a power rasp to clean and roughen claws; then dry with hair dryer or heat gun on low (be careful not to remove too much hoof or heat too hot with heat gun, it is very easy to damage corium tissue on thin soles).Use only polyurethane adhesives. Do not use acrylic (liquid and powder) glue, this gets too hot when curing, and will damage corium on thin hooves. Warm Wear Guards to 80 to 100 °F. Apply adhesive to hoof or Wear Guard, whichever you prefer; then apply to hoof. Smooth around the edge of the hoof. Trim excess plastic to shape of hoof with power rasp or trimming grinder.