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Vet One Boviblock is a  non-antibiotic intramammary teat sealant. Use throughout the dry period as an aid in preventing new intramammary infections. Off-white, smooth paste composed of 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil vehicle to create a malleable barrier in the teat canal. Mimics the cow’s natural first line of defense (the keratin plug) by creating a sterile blockade against harmful bacteria between the udder and its environment. Unique two-stage tip, allowing either full or partial insertion into the teat orifice. Short-tip insertion is ideal to reduce the risk of infection. Long-tip for full insertion may be necessary for large teat orifices.

After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect the teats with the alcohol wipes provided. Gently pinch the base of the teat near the udder attachment to close the teat canal. Infuse entire contents of one BoviBlock syringe into each quarter by inserting the nozzle into the teat and applying gentle continuous pressure to the plunger until the paste is expressed. BoviBlock must remain in the teat canal to be effective.

       Removal: Do not remove BoviBlock by action of the milking machine. To reduce the potential for BoviBlock accumulation in milking machines, aggressively hand-strip BoviBlock out of each quarter, 10 to 12 strips per quarter, before milking fresh cows. Bucket-milk fresh cows for a minimum of 3 milkings, if possible.

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