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AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps from AgriLabs are scientifically developed gelatin capsules designed to be used exclusively with the VetGun. Each AiM-A capsule contains an abamectin formula (a macrocyclic lactone in the avermectin family), and is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insecticide for use on beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle. 30ct

AiM-A™ VetCaps are designed to withstand transportation and handling, yet burst upon contact with the animal. AiM-A and AiM-L™ VetCaps. deliver a no-stress way to treat cattle when and where it's convenient.

AiM-A™ (abamectin) VetCaps can be used in rotation with AiM-L VetCaps (lambda-cyhalothrin) as an effective in-season "rotation program" to combat horn flies resistance. It’s a perfect “one-two” punch to combat horn fly resistance.

The proven convenience of the VetGun™ enables a single producer to dose an entire herd out at pasture - no labor, no handling, no stress. Simplifying delivery means producers can now apply VetCaps only when parasites are causing economic damage. By minimizing the time horn flies are exposed to each insecticide, and then rotating chemical classes in season, these harmful parasites have less time to develop their defenses.

The following is a sample rotation schedule of how AiM-L™ and AiM-A™ VetCaps could be used for control of horn fly and lice if first treatment of the season is with ivermectin.

Step 1: Treat with AiM-L when flies start to appear
Step 2: Treat with AiM-A when flies approach approximately 200/animal
Step 3: Treat with AiM-L four weeks after AiM-A treatment

During winter and early spring, treat with 2x AiM-L two weeks apart to control lice.

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