Jorgy Tracheostomy Tube-Cuffed 8mm J0691H



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A cuffed silicone tracheostomy tube used for small animals. Tracheostomy is an important tool for managing critically ill patients or patients with upper airway obstructions. A tracheostomy tube can be either placed temporarily (i.e., surgical procedure) or long term (i.e, laryngeal paralysis). Cuffed Tube: 8.0mm i.d. X 11.3mm o.d.

Types of tracheostomy tubes: 1) Most tubes are supplied with an obturator. These aid in insertion and are removed after placement. 2) All tubes have a 15mm connector. This is the same fitting as an endotracheal tube and allows hook-up to an anesthesia hose. 3) All tubes have pliable wings or flanges allowing tying the tying the tube in place with cotton (umbilical) tape or gauze. 4) Tubes are non-cuffed or cuffed (needed when assisting ventilation). 5) Tubes are single lumen cannula. 6) All tubes are 100 percent silicone that softens at body temperature. 7) All cuffed tubes are high volume low pressure and profile. NOTE: Tracheostomy tubes are sized by their inside diameter (i.d.). Tubes should be-50% of the tracheal lumen width. The trachea changes diameter during the respiratory cycle. The tracheal body is wider than the larynx.