Tailwell Titanium Trimmer Cutter Set Only

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 Tailwell Titanium Cutter Set contains the replacement blades for Tailwell Titanium tail trimmer. The Titanium version of Tailwell features a titanium-nitride coating for the cutter set. This super-hard coating is designed to withstand the fast degradation sand can cause on the blade. Attach to a cordless drill to gently trim the hair for a safe alternative to tail docking and improved udder hygiene. The Tailwell trimmer uses circular blades to effectively trim hair—no precutting necessary. A trimmed tail helps keep the udder clean and reduces milk prep time. Fast and simple trimming which can be done during regular milking. Oil Tailwell every 25 tails. Titanium cutters will last up to 3,000 sand-embedded tails or, about 6,000 non-seriously contaminated tails. Used on dairy and beef cattle.