Tailwell Titanium Trimmer



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 The TailWell Titanium Trimmer facilitates the tedious work of cow tail hair cutting in dairy cows. Twice yearly removal of feces and faeces contaminated with feces and urine allows optimum hygiene of the livestock, the milk and the milker. Principle: Rotate an outer blade around an inner - no risk of injury to animals and humans.

The Tailwell power trimmer is secured by way of the chuck shank into any suitable cordless drill of 14 volts or better, and operating at approx 1200-1750rpm. Tailwell is quiet in use, with a smooth fast cutting action. Trimming takes only 3 or 4 seconds per tail, and is easily accomplished during milking. The outer blade oscillates over a stationary inner blade, so there is no risk of injury to the cow. Even dirty dag-ends feed smoothly over the trimmer. Pre-cutting the tail’s switch is not necessary. This is a sturdy precision tool that will withstand considerable use. A neck strap is incorporated so the device can be hands-free between cows.

  Tailwell Titanium Trimmer has a titanium-nitride (TiN)-coated cutter set. (Gold coloured.) This should be good for 5,000-6,000 clean (non-sand-contaminated) tails, or up to 3,000 sand contaminated tails. The TITANIUM cutter set can not be sharpened. (In fact attempting sharpening will be counter productive.)  

Kit includes trimmer unit, lubrication bottle, 2 replacement bearings and screwdriver. Horning paste not included.

 Tension must be checked regularly, and lubrication used regularly. Replacement titanium-coated cutter sets are sold separately.