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Surgi-Close Start Kit includes: staples, handle, and forceps. 6 cartridges of 20 staples.  Staples are now lubricated with USP Sodium Stearate to promote easier forming taking less force and quicker release without the necessity to lubricate the handle between uses. this takes the hassle out of using cost effective stapling for wound closure.

1 Stapler Handle-requires cleaning and sterilizing between uses, but there is no longer the need to lubricate the former between uses.  Each staple is lubricated with a coating of USP Sodium Stearate for easy penetration, reducing forming force and release from the former. Staple handle packaged in sterile pouch from a dispensing box.


Staple Removal Forceps-Quick Easy removal of Staples. Will work with any brand of skin staple.


Over 80% of all human surgical wound closures involve the use of skin staplers. In veterinary surgery, less than 10% of surgeries utilize skin staples.

Why is there such a wide difference in usage?

The use of skin staplers has been limited in veterinary surgery due to the high cost of disposable human skin staplers. The use of sutures with needle packs has been less expensive (average cost: $4-$5)

to close the skin. The introduction of the SurgiClose stapling system addresses the specific needs of the veterinary surgeon.


Autoclavable stapler-handle that can be used over and over

Staple cartridges (20/pack) cost less ($3.50) than a pack of needle suture

- a huge savings over conventional throw away skin staples


Both handle and staples are provided sterile

The benefits of using any skin stapler are widely known and accepted in human surgery:

• Better apposition of skin edges with better cosmetic results

 Less reactivity of stainless steel staples

• Significantly faster wound closure with staples

• Ease of learning proper technique

SurgiClose Stapler Use:

• Staple cartridges are inserted into the handle

• After use, the handle can be autoclaved for repeated use

• Staple cartridges are especially designed to reduce jamming

• Staple length is 5.75mm, a better length for the thickness of animal skin versus very thin human skin

• The 20 staples provided per cartridge are sufficient for a 4”-5” incision

A closed staple has a square shape that restricts the movement or rolling of a staple.