Stomach Tubing Black 10"x 5/8" 5/8OD 3/ID Stone

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Jorvet- Designed to administer oral fluids to large animals. The Thirsty pump does not have any ‘O' rings or felt washers to replace and comes with two adapters to allow connection of all sized funnel-style stomach tubes. Lightweight durable plastic, suitable for all weather. Stomach tube Not included.

Administering oral fluids to large animals requires a reliable and fast acting stomach pump. Traditional metal stomach pumps have had two problems:

The new JorVet lightweight stomach pump addresses these two issues: No 'O' rings or washers, and the funnel end of the stomach tube snaps on tight to pump adaptors. The pump is very lightweight plastic, but durable for all weather use. The 'Thirsty' pump has a stroke volume of eight ounces and delivers fluid on both up and down strokes. The pump has two adaptors for stomach tube attachments. The smaller adaptor attaches foal and small tubes. The larger adaptor attaches medium and large stomach tubes.