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Zoetis- For the vaccination of healthy, pregnant cows and heifers as an aid in preventing diarrhea in their calves caused by bovine rotavirus (serotypes G6 and G10), bovine coronavirus, enterotoxigenic strains of Escherichia coli having the K99 pili adherence factor, and Clostridium perfringens type C. 

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ScourGuard 4KC contains a liquid preparation of inactivated bovine rotavirus (serotypes G6 and G10) and coronavirus propagated on established cell lines, a K99 E. colibacterin, and Cl. perfringens type C toxoid. The vaccine is adjuvanted to enhance the immune response.

Key Features

  • Only vaccine with demonstrated rotavirus G10 protection.*
  • First and only vaccine with label protection for both rotavirus G6 and G10 serotypes.*
  • Significantly increases antibody concentrations to rotavirus G10 in the colostrum.1
    * As indicated by USDA Label Claims
    1Data on file, Study Report No. 2134H-60-02-010, Pfizer Inc

    General Directions: Vaccination of healthy, pregnant cows and heifers is recommended. Shake well. Aseptically administer 2 mL intramuscularly (IM) only. In accordance with Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, this product should be administered in the muscular region of the nerimary Vaccination: Administer 2 IM doses approximately 3 weeks apart to pregnant cows, with the second dose given 3–6 weeks before calving
    Revaccination: Revaccination with a single dose 3–6 weeks before each subsequent calving is recommended. Good animal husbandry and herd health management practices, including annual revaccination, should be employed.