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Merck Animal Health- (Beef Cattle, Dairy & Goat Drench) 10% Fenbendazole - Effective as levamisole and safe as thiabendazole. Highly effective against brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, barberpole worms, bankrupt worms, coopers worms, threadnecked intestinal worms, hook lungworms, nodular worms and lungworms. No Sale to CA.
Residue Warnings: Cattle Must Not Be Slaughtered Within 8 Days Following Treatment. A Withdrawal Period Has Not Been Established For This Product In Pre-ruminating Calves. Do Not Use In Calves To Be Processed For Veal. Goats Must Not Be Slaughtered For Food Within 6 Days Following Treatment. Because A Withdrawal Time In Milk Has Not Been Established, Do Not Use In Lactating Goats. For Dairy Cattle, There Is No Milk Withdrawal Period.

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