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RumenAider Cattle Capsules  are a nutritional/microbial supplement for all cattle over 500 lbs body weight to support appetite and overall health. RumenAider capsules help with  microbial and nutritional requirements: parturition complex metabolism aid; liver-supporting niacin; trace minerals and vitamins A, D and E – critical to immune system; and beneficial rumen and intestinal microbials in patented Capsule-In-A-Capsule© packaging system, which separates and protects them from nutritional components. Live yeast promotes rumen fermentation and appetite. Digestive enzymes aid rumen digestive process. 


Contains (min per capsule) 5 mg cobalt, 30 mg copper, 75 mg iron, 75 mg manganese, 2 mg selenium, 150 mg zinc, 500,000 IU vitamin A, 75,000 IU vitamin D3, 2,000 IU vitamin E, 6,000 mg niacin and 24 billion CFU live microbial count.

Directions: Open capsule onto feed, mix with grain or place inside animal's mouth with balling gun. 1 capsule once or twice daily for up to 3 days. Fast-acting gelatin capsule dissolves rapidly in approximately 6-8 minutes. Contain selenium; use caution when using in addition to other feedstuffs containing selenium.

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