Survive D Deer Supplement : 8oz



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An oral vitamin E  and energy supplement designed for newborn fawns, weak and off-feed deer. Packaged in a dispensing bottle with instructions for dosage and applications. Use 1/2oz per head per day with a 1/2 dose as needed thereafter.

Ideal for fawns that are being grafted, raised artificially or on poor milking does.  Also good for weak or cold fawns, does and sporting animals.

 Crude Fat (minimum)   98%

Vitamin A (minimum)  450,000 iu/lb

Vitamin D3(minimum)  110,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E (minimum)  50,040 IU/lb

Ingredients:  Vegetable Oil, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement , Vitamin E Supplement, and artificial flavoring.

Fawn At Birth:  Give most fawns 2 pumps (4cc) orally. Larger fawns give 6cc.

Week, Cold, & Stressed Fawns, Fawns that are being grafted, raised artificially, on poor milking does, and those which are cold and/or weak all benefit greatly from the energy provided by SURVIVE-D.  Orally dose foawns with 8cc every 12 hours until they improve.

Booster Dose:  If vitamin E deficiency has been a problem in the herd in the past  or if does are on feeds low in Vitamin E, give fawns a booster dose at 3-4 weeks of age. Orally dose with 4cc-8cc of SURVIVE-D.

Week, Ketotic Fawns, Orally dose with 1-2 ounces of SURVIVE-D as a readily available energy.

Sporting:  For added bloom and energy, top dress or orally dose with 2cc daily.  For One Time Treatment, orally dose with 1 ounce.