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Goat Speculum - Plastic (standard)

Plastic caprine speculum, 8 inches in length with a 1 inch diameter. Individually wrapped.

Tubular speculums make doing AI and OB work on small ruminants much easier.  We have a couple different options available, from the basic rigid  tube to the popular model with built-in light source.  The basic standard plastic speculum is a clear plastic cylindrical tube availabe in small or large size.  The smaller of the two versions is 8 inches in length with a 1 inch outside diameter.  The larger version is also 8 inches in length, but with a 1.25" outside diameter.  The popular versions of these speculums have a convenient removable light source that fits within an inner tube affixed to the inner wall of the speculum.  The light itself is at the end of a bendable 8.5 inch lead wire attached to the portable power source.  This unit pours light right where it's needed without the user having to hold a light in his/her mouth and try and aim.  Powered by (2) AA batteries, the unit is simple to operate and maintain.  Pull the light out of the speculum, clean the outer tube, and you're ready to reuse it ovr and over again.  The unique characteristics of the clear plastic speculum tube also tend to refract thelight down and through the walls.  Fits easily into a pocket, kit box or apron.  The components are also available individually, so you can use one light source for multiple speculum tubes.  The portable flexible light source can come in handy for multiple applications.