Canine Insemination Tube 10" with Adapter Bulk Pack : 25ct



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Standard poly infusion tube equipped with a pliable syringe adapter. These tubes have smooth, round polished ends with a 0.110 I.D. and 0.215 O.D. Nonsterilized bulk pack of 25.

These are insemination tubes designed especially for the canine market.  Several varieties  available , including tubes with drilled out tips to accommodate a standard luer-slip syringe or version with the popular flexible syringe adapter tip.  Most popular are the versions that are individually wrapped and sterilized.Newer to the market are the 5 inch lengths, which have become popular with the toy breeds.  The basic drilled tube and the tube with adapter have been the most popular models over the past several years.  If you prefer a bit more flexibility in your canine tubes, try the Stip-Tip or M2Blue tubes.  The Stip-Tip  tube also has a unique 'bullet shaped' insertion tip and slightly smaller shaft diameter. The newest design is the M2Blue  Insemination tube. It has a flexible blue shaft and a unique stainless steel insertion tip with dual side ejection ports.  The M2Blue  is also the thinnest diameter 10" or 5" tube we carry, which may be less intrusive for the animal.  Having two side ports offers a wider dispersal of semen, as well.  Packaged individually wrapped/sterile or nonsterile bulk packs.