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Designed for shipping fresh/cooled semen shipments. It can also be used for additional temperature-sensitive shipments. The smaller-than-average overall dimensions mean that air shipments average less than any comparable shipper. Usage instructions are printed on the box.

Disposable shipper units are a popular and inexpensive method of  shipping fresh cooled semen. Eliminates the need for having a permanent or reusable shipper sent back to you by your client.

It uses three mini phenolic packs and has two specimen carriers that can accommodate syringes, centrifuge tubes, or bags. Great performance. Environmentally-friendly insulating material (non poly styrene) that will break down in a landfill. The outer box is a bold green color that stands out in priority shipments, too.

2" thick mineral wool insulating liners for temperature maintenance. 12" x 814" x 814".