Shape Holder Latex 27cm Collection Cone with Rolled Cuffs



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The rolled cuff ends hold the ends ´open´ in their natural, at rest state. 

Collection cones come in two main varieties -disposable polyethylene and washable/reusable latex.  We offer both with varying options.  The closed-end disposable polythethlene cone(58708) is clear and bottle shaped, with and open end 4-3/8" across, the rounded closed end is 1 3/8" across and the overall length is 11-1/2".  The disposable open-ended version(58710) has a 5" opening on the large end, 1" opening on the small end and measures 10-1/4" in length.  The Satin pocket(58711) is a 14" closed end model with an ultra satiny feel and smoother edges-ideal for dogs that  are sensitive and difficult to collect with the standard disposable plastic version.   The latex variety is available in either a lightweight(most popular)(58712) or heavyweight version(58713), the difference being the thickness of the latex.  These are washable and reusable (care instructions on each piece).  We also offer the Shape holder model(58714) with the rolled cuff ends, which aid the the cone open in its natural state.