Cito Thaw Unit with 12V/DC & 120V/AC



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The CITO™ brand thaw unit is an electronic device that will properly thaw semen at a constant temperature of 95° to 98° by accurate, and sensitive electronic control. Made of tough ABS non corrosive plastic. This unit will take a lot of abuse, but at the same time protect all of its working elements. Digital display/readout.

Comes with a 6-ft. 12V/120V AC cord, and a 12-ft. 12V/120V DC cord (for use with a vehicle cigarette lighter.

Indicator lights show when the unit is ready to use, and when it is working and maintaining water bath at proper temperature.

Note on Cito Thaw Temperature Adjustment:

The full range on those units is from 85 degrees F to 105 degrees F.  They're preset to 96 degrees F. 

On the black-colored base plate there are (7) small philips screws.  These need to be removed along with the base plate, and inside you'll see a small rheostat dial.  Turning left (counterclockwise) reduces the temperature, turning right (clockwise) raises it.  There are no numbers/temperatures on that little dial except for the 96 degree set temperature -- so it may take a few tries to get the unit set where someone wants, because you have to make the dial adjustment, then fill the unit with cool water, turn it on, wait 15 minutes and see where you're at.  You'd have to repeat this process, making dial adjustments and refilling with cool water and waiting to see where the temperature is each time until you find your desired temperature.