Radius Garden Root Slayer Soil Knife with Holster


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The Radius Garden Root Slayer Soil Knife w/ Holster takes the place of almost every tool you need in the garden; a trowel, transplanter, cultivator, and weeder all in one. This versatile tool can cut through even tough root-filled clay soil with ease. Made of enamel powder coated, high-carbon steel. The blade measures 7 3/4" long by 2" wide with a 5 3/4" handle and it can be re-sharpened.

Cleaning the blade after use is recommended to maintain quality and performance.


  • Heavy-duty blade features a dozen ripsaw teeth on one side and smooth cutting blade on the other
  • Inverted, V-shaped cutting tip easily tears through roots and soil
  • Features twine cutter/bottle opener on side and holster for easy and safe storage
  • Powder-coated enamel carbon steel blade can be sharpened for a long-lasting cutting edge
  • Comfortable and strong enough for every garden task