QuickBayt Fly Bait 35lb


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Quick Bayt is a ready-to-use dry scatter bait with 0.5% imidacloprid, with fast knockdown and no resistance problems. Effective against flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates. Control flies around the outside of commercial facilities, dairies, production facilities, and horse stables, or mixed with water and used as a paint-on to surfaces where flies rest. Hazard charges apply. Restricted No Sale to NY

QuickBayt is the first fly bait to use this new class of active ingredients. QuickBayt contains a special combination of two powerful attractants. And, QuickBayt is readily available to flies because the unique granule allows the active ingredient to be released easily. For fast-acting, long-lasting fly control, don't waste another minute.


Apply QuickBayt in many locations. Avoid cool or windy locations because flies prefer warm sites for resting. Time applications to begin at the start of the season before populations have reached their peak.


Scatter Applications

Scatter the bait directly from the container onto dry level surfaces so that the individual granules lie near each other without forming small piles.

Bait Stations

Place in any commercial bait station. Bait stations should be inaccessible to food-producing animals, children and pets.


Paint-on Applications 

Mix 1.5 oz. bait with 1 fl. oz. warm water and stir thoroughly. Let stand for about 15 minutes until a paste consistency suitable for painting has formed. Apply the paste with a brush to surfaces where flies rest, avoiding surfaces that are dusty.