Prozap Larva Guard Mosquito Granules : 1lb

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LarvaGuard is a convenient, easy to use granule designed to provide 30 day control of mosquito larva in containerized water- the ideal mosquito breeding site. The use of methoprene inhibits mosquito larva from developing into breeding, biting adults. Slow release granules sink to the bottom and provide treatment of the entire column of water, not just the surface.


Stop the Cycle with Prozap’s LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvicide Granule. Ideal for the Home, Garden, Farm or Ranch and designed to control mosquitoes at the breeding site through the use of methoprene, an insect growth regulator. Ideal for use in containerized water gardens, ornamental ponds, clogged rain gutters, old tires, bird baths, livestock/ horse watering troughs and others areas of standing water. Safe for livestock, pets, fish and birds.


Measure and then sprinkle the appropriate amount of Prozap LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvicide Granules evenly over the surface of the water to be treated. Measure the surface area of the water and follow the Application Rates table for the appropriate amount of product to use.

Application Rates:

30-Day Control

Amount of Product

Treatment Area
(surface area - less than 2 ft. deep of water)

Treatment Volume in Gallons of Water (approximate)

1 tbsp

150 sq. ft.


1⁄2 tbsp

75 sq. ft.


1 tsp

50 sq. ft.


1⁄2 tsp

25 sq. ft.


1⁄4 tsp

13 sq. ft.


Do not use food utensils such as tablespoons or measuring cups for food purposes after use with insecticides.