Prodigy Ring Grip Syringe with Spike & Tubing : 5ml



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The Ring-Grip Syringe from Prodigy Instruments is lightweight and easy to hang. The smooth injection action makes vaccinating a breeze!  Features a poly barrel and blue o-ring for long acting oil based and suspension vaccines.  Metal luerlock cap with metal nib for durability. Available with drawoffs or spike and tubing. 5ml 


  • 5ml capacity maximum.

  • AFD¹ Setting: 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 3.5ml, 4ml, 4.5ml, 5ml.

  • Impact resistant Polyolefin material construction.

  • High chemical resistance.

  • Ergonomic design with finger grip hanging loop.

  • Metal needle mount for sturdy needle location.