Prodigy 30ml Drencher with Sheep Nozzle



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The 30 ML Drencher from Prodigy Instruments is made of durable plastic construction with ergonomic design. Features a soft 3/8” wide and 54” long silicone tubing that helps fill faster. Available with your choice of *straight cattle drench nozzle (7.5”), cattle hook drench nozzle or sheep drench nozzle.  

High chemical resistant polyolefin cylinder. Designed with a fast-fill valve technology for a better feel when refilling with every squeeze.  Fully adjustable dosages up to 30 ML by turning the dosage selector to the front of the o-ring on the piston to dosage line on barrel. 

Sold as one drencher with your choice of nozzle.

*Pictured with the straight cattle nozzle