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Pro Bac C is a  medicated milk and water soluble additive for the control of coccidiosis in cattle caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii. This product contains a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms to enhance intestinal integrity. Also contains high levels of vitamins to provide nutritional support. Medicated milk replacer additive contains lasalocid (Bovatec) to control coccidiosis in calves. Also contains highly concentrated probiotics and yeast culture to enhance intestinal integrity, plus high levels of vitamins to provide nutritional support in the presence of coccidiosis, E. coli, Salmonella and Cryptosporidia. Contains seven fat-encapsulated, common microorganisms found in intestinal tract of small mammals. Provides help for changing conditions, including, but not limited to birth, breeding, post-surgery, antibiotic therapy, weaning, worming, showing, boarding and travel. 20 million colony-forming units (CFU) of viable bacteria per gram. Recommended as part of the management program for all animals subjected to adverse conditions. May be used for regular maintenance.

Do not use with other sources of lasalocid as excessive concentration may be fatal.

Do not use in veal calves

Add 1/8 oz (small enclosed scoop is 1/8 oz) medicated powder per 110 lbs of body weight to milk replacer or water. Increase or decrease proportionally based on calf size to provide 1 mg lasalocid per kg of calf body weight.

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