Prestige 3 + WNV (EWT + West Nile) : 10ds


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Prestige 3 + WNV from Merck Animal Health is for the vaccination of healthy horses 6 months of age or older against Equine Encephalomyelitis Viruses (Eastern and Western), West Nile Virus - Flavivirus Chimera, and Tetanus Toxoid. Available in a single dose with syringe or a 10ds vial. 

For primary vaccination aseptically administer 1 mL intramuscularly, repeat with a single dose in 3 - 4 weeks. Historically, annual revaccination with this product has been recommended. The need for this booster has not been established. The presence of maternal antibody is known to interfere with the development of active immunity in foals and additional boosters will be required in most young animals. For more information on revaccination frequency consult your veterinarian.

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