Pneu Dart Practice Target



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The Pneu Dart Practice Target is designed to stop a practice dart without damaging it. The target is a heavy, 10 oz. canvas bag printed with four target faces. It hangs vertically using steel grommets.

Projectors should be sighted in by starting from a very close distance. Shoot from 20 ft. with your power setting at a low level. Fire one dart. Check your point of impact and the damage caused by impact. If you are breaking the canvas, you are shooting too hard. After a few shots, move to 40 ft. and readjust your power. Repeat the exercise and try to keep your darts on the target. If you are satisfied, move to a longer range and adjust accordingly.

You will benefit by spending a half hour practicing on the target rather than dashing out and practicing in the field. This can be a waste of time, darts, drug and injurious to your animals. To use the target, put about .5" of newspaper folded double in the bottom half of the target bag. Fold the bag over a wire coat hanger and fasten with clips. Now put another .5" of folded newspapers in the open end and clip the end shut with the two remaining clips. This can be suspended over a nail, wire, limb or anything with a safe area behind it in case of a miss.