Pet Piller Pill Gun : 12ct



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A Pet Pill Gun is a safe method for administering capsules or pills to pets and small animals.  There is no breakage of medication when administering to the animal. This dispensable instrument is for clients to use when medicating a patient at home. Plunger helps to pill or capsule safely down the throat. 12ct

Rinse with water and air dry and pull plunger out when not in use. 
It is constructed of low density polyethylene.

Instructions for use: 

1. Remove paper collar. Remove plunger . Insert pill into barrel . Replace plunger . Push plunger into opening of barrel tip. Insert pill as plunger is extraced. 
2. Place index and middle fingers under bars of pill gun. Adjust as necessary for full control. 
3. Open pet's mouth with one hand over top of head and muzzle . Apply pressure with finger on each side of the jar hinge. Insert pill over tongue and to back of mouth. Quickly push plunger to administer. 

Brands May Vary.