Perfect Udder Colostrum Kit 4L Bags : 10ct



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 Dairy Tech Perfect Udder Colostrum Kits are your colostrum management solution. When used with Dairy Tech’s pasteurizers, you have the tools for safe handling of colostrum, from harvest to feeding, without the risk of contamination. Kit includes   ten 4 liter bags along with a nipple and two feeding tubes. Using Perfect Udder products provides excellent biosecurity to ensure safe handling of newborn calves’ first food. Allows you to properly process and store colostrum with very little cleanup. Feed colostrum directly from Perfect Udder Bags by attaching Perfect Udder Nipple or esophageal feeder—aids in minimizing disease and bacteria transfer. During pasteurization, colostrum bags allow rapid cooling and even heating to prevent the growth of bacteria. When it is time to feed to the calf, it thaws and heats 4-times faster for quick administration of colostrum to the calf.