P.G. 600 Swine Vaccine 5ml : 5ds



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PG 600 from Merck is used for induction of estrus (heat) in perpuberal gilts and weaned sows. Prepuberal gilts should be injected when they are selected for addition to the breeding herd. Sows should be injected at weaning during periods of delayed return to estrus. Labeled for Swine Only! Vaccine/Refrigerated product. 

No withdrawal.

A combination of Pregnant Mare Serum (PMSG) and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), PG 600® is used to induce fertile heat in non-cycling gilts over five and one-half months of age and weighing at least 187 lbs. and in sows at weaning that are experiencing a delayed return to estrus. Treatment will not induce heat in gilts that have already begun to cycle nor in sows that are returning to heat normally 3 to 7 days after weaning.


  • Estrus will be observed in 3 to 7 days
  • Use to improve reproductive management in A.I. programs and in all-in/all-out schedules
  • Maximum benefit results when attention is given to all aspects of reproductive program

Dosage: Inject one 5 mL dose in the neck behind the ear.