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Shoulder length gloves are the most popular in both the cattle and horse industries. Standard shoulder length clear polyethylene glove. These 34-inch-long gloves are packaged 100 per dispenser box. All are ambidextrous with a 45 degree angle thumb.

Choose the right glove for your needs:

Starting with the basic clear STANDARD shoulder glove there are a couple of options to choose from.  The standard clear is a 1.25 mil thickness polyethylene glove with a 45 degree thumb angle.  For a more sensitive feel , going to either a 1 mil thickness glove or a glove with EVA(ethyl vinyl acetate) for a softer texture are two ways of reaching a similar goal.  For a more durable glove(a little less sensitive, the 1.75 mil thickness glove is the answer.  For an extremely thin glove-and increased sensitivity-try the .85 mil thickness polyethylene shoulder glove.  All of these gloves are 34 inches in length.

SHOULDER PLUS gloves are much like the standard glvoes above in texture and performance but are 39 inches in length rather than the standard 34 inches.  The basic Shoulder Plus glove is brown in color and comes packaged 100 per ziplock bag.  The Supersensitive Shoulder Plus glove is dark blue in color and manufacturered of a soft polyethylene  for greater tactile sensitivity.  The SHOULDER SLEEVE is 30 inch long, 9 inch wide fingerless sleeve or bag.  In inexpensive alternative to a standard clear glove where dexterity is not of large importance.  Ideal for applying lube to the inside of an equine artificial vagina.  We also carry a 36" glove with the fingertips removed.  Theis type of glove would be used in conjuntion with latex or similar tight-fitting wrist glove.

If it's greater feel or dexterity you're looking for in a shoulder glove, the following gloves may be of interest.  The BIOSAFE ULTRATOUCH gloves have EVA(ethyl vinyl acetate) added to them, which gives the material a much softer, 'satin-like' feel.  These gloves aren't quite as stiff as the standard poly gloves, and the EVA also allows stretching to a greater degree without bursting.  Available in a clear 1.25 mil style or the extra sensitive red 1 mil version.  For standard sensitive polyethylene vet glvoes, the SENSITIVE BLUE 1 mil vet gloves have been a popular option for years.  These gloves are the same types that are also available in the individually wrapped and sterilized category.  For those smaller hands looking for a  glove that fits a little better, steer toward the SUPERSENSITIVE blue shoulder glove designed with a diecut for smaller hands.

Some procedures are better served with sterilized shoulder gloves.  Our individually-wrapped and sterilized shoulder gloves are available in a couple of different options and packaging.  They are all alike in that they're folded and packed consistently.  The unique packaging feature for both the blue sterilized gloves and clear Ultra-Sens sterilized gloves is the 'thumb-side up' sticker.  This is an indication sticker on the glove showing which side of the ambidextrous gloves the thumb is on, so when you're pulling them on, you can do it quickly  and efficiently.  These gloves are all in a 1 mil thickness to increase sensitivity.  The blue gloves and yellow gloves are available in two packaging options..either in a ziplock pack of (12) individually wrapped gloves or in a corrugate box of (50) individually wrapped gloves.  The Ultra-Sens clear gloves are in packs of (25).  Sterilization for all gloves is via ethylene oxide.  For those with smaller hands looking for a sterile glove that fits a little better, the Supersensitive blue small hand diecut gloves are also available  in either the 12 pack bag or 50 per box options.