Pet Nutri Drops : 8oz



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Provides Quick energy. For top performance in the show ring. Increases survival rate in newborns, appetite, hypoglycemia, whelping, and shipping stress. Absorbs directly into bloodstream. All natural. Beneficial in any stress condition where additional energy is needed fast.

Propylene glycol, molasses, potassium chloride, sulfur, cobalt sulfate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium gluconate, ammonium polyphosphate, Vitamin A (Acetate), Vitamin A (Palmitate), Vitamin D3 supplement, alpha-tocopherol (source of Vitamin E), Vitamin E supplement, thiamine, niacin, methionine, lysine, choline chloride, sucrose, fructose, raffinose.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Each fluid oz contains a minimum of:


Vitamin A

23,000 IU

Vitamin D

5,900 IU

Vitamin E

98 IU


Directions -Shake Well

Critical Care: For stressed or sick animals: give 1cc (1 ml) per 3 lbs. body weight. Do not dilute with food or water. Maximum of one treatment every 6-9 hours.

General Use:As part of a balanced nutritional feeding program, as a supplemental source of vitamins, trace minerals and essential amino acids: Administer 1 cc (1 ml)) per 10 lbs. body weight daily. May be diluted by mixing with food.