Neonorm Calf Bolus : 60ct



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Neonorm is an enteric-coated bolus given to pre-weaned dairy calves to promote normal stool formation. Helps reduce the severity of scours and speeds up recovery time. When viruses and bacteria stimulate a reaction in the gut-lining cells, they cause a salt imbalance, driving excess water into the intestines, resulting in diarrhea. Neonorm Calf works by inhibiting water loss from the animal’s circulatory system through the epithelial cells in the intestine lining, thus supporting and promoting the normal health of the gut; normalizing water flow from the gut-lining cells. Use along with electrolytes for supportive care.

Enteric-coated bolus helps proactively retain fluid in calves – helping avoid debilitating, dangerous levels of dehydration. Dehydration from scours, diarrhea or other digestive problems poses a significant threat to the health and future productivity of newborn calves, and significantly increases expenses and labor required to care for them. Current products cannot help calves retain fluids quickly enough to avoid severe dehydration &ndash the ultimate goal in managing scours. Calves that avoid severe dehydration before it occurs are better equipped to fight off the infection that led to scours. Operates at cellular level to inhibit flow of fluids into intestines, where vital fluids leave body during scours. Not an electrolyte or nutritional supplement. Each bolus contains proprietary standardized botanical extract of sustainably harvested Croton lechleri.

Directions: Give orally to pre-weaned calves once every 12 hours, as needed, for up to 3 days. Compatible with electrolytes and other standards of care. Small bolus formulation allows for easy delivery by hand or balling gun.


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