Medical Pet Shirt Protective Shirt Rabbit Lt Green : Medium

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The Medical Pet Shirt offers good protection after surgery or in cases of skin disease. It keeps bandages in place and prevents the animal from licking wounds or incisions, but also keeps the animal warm while allowing complete freedom of movement. It is open ended for easy fitting and removal, and a Velcro® patch near the base of the tail allows the pet to eliminate while wearing the shirt.

Provides better protection with less stress than an E-collar, with much greater versatility. The interior of the shirt is light blue to make control of fluid from wounds easier. In cases of heavily exudating wounds, a liner can be inserted inside the shirt or between the double layers on the belly. For pets that are incontinent or in season, the Medical Pet Shirt can be fitted with a sanitary napkin or liner. The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and can be machine washed. Made of stretch cotton/Lycra. Shirts are sized for dogs (blue), cats (red) and rabbits (green).