Mouse Magic Repellent: 12ct

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Mouse Magic from Bonide is a unique new method of rodent control combines the effectiveness of essential oils with the convenience of "scent pack" technology. The natural way to drive mice from homes, sheds, patios, and more. Simply locate scent packs, which exude the repelling quality of the essential oils, any where mice enter, feed or nest.

Mouse Magic repels through the scent of peppermint & spearmint oil. Lasts approximately 30 days.

Active Ingredients:
     Peppermint Oil ……......... 2.00%
     Spearmint Oil ……........... 2.00%
     Corn Cobs
TOTAL                               100.00%

To Apply: 
Simply distribute the place packs around any area rodents hide, feed or congregate. Pay particular attention to areas around walls and other surfaces that may serve as runways, to any areas of potential entry, and to potential nesting areas.
Begin treatment with one place pack per average sized room. Increase the number of place packs, as needed, until desired results are achieved. Heavier infestations may require more place packs per room. While Mouse Magic™ contains essential natural oils, and it’s odor is very pleasant, too many place packs in a small area can be overpowering. Should this occur, simply reduce the number of place packs used. Mouse Magic™ repels Mice for 30 days or more.