Mole Killer Gravity Grub Formula 4 Placements



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Mole poison grub bait

  • Lifelike size, shape, feel and taste of real grubs
  • Two grubs contain a lethal dose

Thousands of hours of laboratory and field research went in to developing this highly effective mole poison. Never before have we seen a mole poison this innovative and simple to use. Moles consume 80 to 100% of their body weight daily to fuel their high metabolism. Many companies would have you believe that a mole's diet is similar to that of rats and mice, but this is incorrect. Moles are insectivores. Worms and grubs are their favorite foods. This grub bait duplicates the optimal size, shape and feel of the real thing and special enhancers ensure immediate acceptance. Two grubs contain a lethal dose of Bromethalin, which can kill moles in two days or less. Simply place the two grubs in active tunnels for moles to find. Mole poison baits are packaged in a box of eight in four sealed trays of two. Store in a cool place. USA made.
NOTE: This mole bait is a pesticide and should be handled according to the labeling. EPA registration number is 12455-101-3240. Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, U.S. Territories or International.