Milk Jugg Fly Trap : 2ct

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The easy, economical way to catch over 35,000 flies Catches over 2.5 times as many flies as Rescue® Fly Trap* Set on the ground or hang up Insecticide-free Reusable Includes attractant flies can't resist Easy to use - just add water, attractant and pop on the top Turn ordinary plastic jugs into effective, insecticide-free fly traps!

Instructions For Use:
1. Remove trapping heads and attractant tubes from blister card.

2. Rinse out a standard one-gallon plastic milk jug or water jug. Use only transparent type jugs, not opaque or colored jugs.

3. Holding an attractant tube with tip at top. carefully twist off tip. Do not squeeze tube while twisting off the top.

4. Squirt one 30 ml tube of 1 attractant into empty trap jug. (NOTE: Attractant has a pungent odor; bait trap outdoors. Wearing plastic gloves while baiting trap is recommended.)


5. Fill the jug half full with clean water, and swirl jug lightly to disperse attractant.


6. Slide cylinder part of trap head into mouth of jug.


7. Place trap on the ground (or hang by jug handle) outdoors in a sunlit area of high fly concentration when flies are active and wherever odors will not be a problem. DO NOT place trap within reach of livestock or pets. For maximum effectiveness, trap should be within four feet of the ground. In hot weather (highs above 90° F), trap works better the shade. In cooler weather. place trap in a sunny location.

NOTE: The Milk Jugg Fly Trap is not recommended for indoor use, or for use against biting flies.


  1. Trap contents should be agitated at least twice weekly to thoroughly wet all trapped flies.
  2. Add water to the trap lug as necessary to keep the jug half full of liquid. Do not allow trap to dry out.
  3. Remove trap when it is 1/3 or more full of flies Throw out jug, or bury trap contents at least 6" deep.
  4. Trap head may be reused: bait new jug with one 30 ml tube or two 15 ml tubes of Farnam Fly Attractant, or one ounce (two tablespoons) of Farnam Fly Terminator Attractant and fill the jug half full of water.

Helpful Hints:

  1. In areas of very low fly density, the attractant may dissipate before enough flies are caught. To continue attraction when fewer than 50 or so flies are caught within 5 days of baiting, additional attractant should be added.
  2. Occasionally. spiders may set up housekeeping in the top assembly, greatly reducing the trap's efficiency. If this occurs, remove top assembly and pull out spiders and webbing with a twig.
  3. Use several traps in different locations. A good trapping program should supplement proper manure management.
  4. It trap does not yield desired results when hanging overhead, try placing the trap on or closer to the ground.
  5. Dead flies make an excellent natural fertilizer. Bury trap contents at least six inches deep.