Medi-Dart Wingnut : 1/2"


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Medi-Dart Wingnuts are now included with the Crossbow Kit and the Extension Pole Syringe. The MDCBWN has 3/8" wings and the MDEWN has 1/2" wings. The #5 & #6 needles, along with the MDHPR & wingnut to be very effective in doctoring cattle. The 1/2" wingnut works well for cows and bulls, the 3/8" wingnut works well for younger cattle up to yearlings. 

The new #6 needle and the old #5 can be used with the new wingnuts.

The #6 was made because there was need for more grip. This needle works well for doctoring yearlings or sick calves in the fall. A #6 needle needs to be paired with the half-moon pushrod (MDHPR) and a wingnut. The #6 needle needs to work together with the new Halfmoon pushrod & wingnut in order to properly eject. 

The #6 is also sold as a needle/valve assembly including the needle, halfmoon pushrod, and a wingnut.
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