Medi-Dart Needle/Valve Assembly MDAK # 3



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Medi-Dart needle/valve assembly comes with #3 IM needle. It also includes valve cap and valve seat and push rod. On IM needles medicine comes out the solid tip  Style 3 needle has medium roughness. Works with Extension syringe or Crossbow.

Style 2 Low-Roughness     Style 3 Medium-Roughness    Style 4 Heavy-Roughness   Style 5 Maximum-Roughness

Medi-Darts are tools for giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections to livestock without the need to restrain the animal. Medi-Dart's unique needle design holds the dart in the animal until the medication is delivered.

Once the injection is complete the needle is pushed out of the animal by our patented system. Low stress on your animals.Low stress on your animals.Medi-Dart introduces the world's most advanced treatment system for large livestock in the field. The Medi-Dart Crossbow is the result of past experience (since 1991), combined with customer requests and proven technology.

Producers familiar with our existing products realize fast and low stress treatment of their livestock means less medicine, maximum gains, and a quiet, easy to handle herd. The Medi-Dart Crossbow has been on the market since 1998, with very positive feedback. We feel it is a health management system that a producer cannot afford to be without.

The Medi-Dart Crossbow enables producers to accurately treat animals at a distance of 30 feet, as the user becomes familiar with the way that the crossbow shoots, more distance will be possible.

The Medi-Dart Crossbow kit comes with 3 intramuscular needles and subcutaneous needles are available. If your cattle have experienced hoof rotpink eyepneumoniaretained placenta, or worms, then the Medi-Dart Crossbow kit is a must.

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 No chasing - No restraining Keeps the animal with the herd. Keeps the animal on feed rations.

  • 2 complete darts, 1 practice end, Three 1 1/4" IM needles, Medi-Dart Crossbow, Castor oil lubricant, Air pump SQ needles available.
  • With the Crossbow Projectile system, the syringe can hold 30cc of medication and has a 40 foot range to medicate the animal.    





MEDI-DARTS use a simple bicycle pump to create air pressure which injects the medication and upon completion of the injection pushes the ejector loop ahead, forcing the needle out of the animal.