Medi-Dart IM Needle : #5



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Medi Dart needles in #2, #3, #4, #5 in Subque (under skin) or #2, #3, #4 or #5 in IM (in the muscle). The bigger the number the rougher the ridge on the  needle.  On IM needles medicine comes out the solid tip.  On SQ needles medicine comes out the solid tip plus 2 holes on the side of needle.

Estimated needle usage:

If you are using needles with a crossbow ….you can get an average of 30 uses out of the needle.  

If you are using needles with an extension syringe…….you can get an average of 50 uses out of the needle. 

You can resharpen needles with a file and get more use out of them.

Usage estimates are based on correct use of the needles, it excludes misses such as hitting trees.

Style 2 Low-Roughness     Style 3 Medium-Roughness    Style 4 Heavy-Roughness   Style 5 Maximum-Roughness

The Extension MEDI-DART can hold up to 35cc of medication and gives the user a 6 foot reach. The syringe is released from the pole after the animal has been poked.

  • 1 complete dart
  • One 1 1/4" IM needle
  • 35 cc capacity
  • 5 foot handle
  • 6 foot reach
  • Castor oil lubricant
  • Transparent barrel
  • Air pump
  • 10 cc minimum injection
  • Subcutaneous needles available