Maxi/Guard ZN7 Equine Wound Spray : 4oz



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Maxi/Guard Zn7 Equine Wound Spray is a neutralized zinc based skin care topical in a spray. This counter-irritant provides soothing relief from itching and drying of raw skin conditions. the first natural topical that provides substantial anti-pruritic, anti-microbial, and wound healing benefits. Is also safe and effective for pets.

Maxi/Guard Zn7 Equine Wound Care Formula should be used for the following types of wounds or cases:

  • A broad spectrum of skin and flesh wounds where you need to reduce your steroid and/or antibiotic demand by using a natural anti-pruritic, anti-microbial skin care topical.
  • Skin abrasions and lacerations, both above and below the knee or hock.
  • Wounds located over soft tissue and muscle masses.
  • Traumatic wounds of the skin where suturing is not possible.
  • Edges of sutured wounds.
  • Full thickness cast sores.
  • As an adjunct when an antibiotic or steroid is indicated.
  • Saddle sores, bridle sores, dew poisoning/heal cracks, thrush, grab wounds, mud rash, thermal burns, and other dermatoses.
  • Wounds or dermatology cases that are slow to respond with hair regrowth.
  • Post-surgery cases where a topical is beneficial to reduce the surgery site irritation, itch, and infection.
  • Wounds where reduced scar tissue or no formation of exuberant granulation tissue (proud flesh) is desired.
  • Cases requiring good product compliance and minimal wrap requirements.

Companion animal uses include: Hot spots, Feline chin acne, Moist incisions, Foot pads, Nasal fold dermatitis, and Bumblefoot.

Exotic uses include: Bubblefoot, Skin lesions, Feather picking, Lamp burns, and Zinc concentration safe for all exotics.