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Magrath- One person system for administering water, electrolytes, nutrient mixes, mineral oil, bloat remedies, etc. to adult animals. Rehydrated cattle respond to antibiotics and vaccines faster. Administers an accurate dose indicated by the size of cattle. 6 ft. by 1/2" oil resistant hose. Comes with a canvas carrying bag.

The Cattle Pump System enables one person to pump quantities of heavy viscosity material into the bovine stomach.  It is especially useful for critical times when the animal requires a large amount very quickly.


The brass pump is chrome-plated and operates at 8 strokes per gallon.  The oil-resistant hose is 6 ft. long and has screw hose fittings and a nose lead attached.  Entire system is packed in a canvas carrying case.


The probe can be passed easily into the esophagus only, not into the lungs, and it has an inherent damming action which diminishes the chances of regurgitation.  The probe takes advantage of the natural extended head and neck position of the cow which eases stress on the animal and facilitiates swallowing.   This model is recommended for full grown cows and bulls

Stomach pump comes complete but you can special order any parts for it.  There are 3 different size probes available.  Probe 175(175-300#) or Probe 300(300-900#) or Probe 500(900# and up).  The Probe 300 is the one that comes with the kit.