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Lexol Leather Tack Neatsfoot helps to soften and renew leather. It conditions the leather, helping to protect it from cracking and premature aging, by using the finest Neatsfoot oils to keep it strong and supple. Lexol is re-branding and transitioning over to a new package, so you may receive the same product, but in a different package than the image shown. 16.9oz or 1lt

The oils bond to the fibers in the leather and won't seep on to non-leather surfaces or your clothing.
Lexol Neatsfoot is a non-darkening formula that will help keep your light colored (blonde) leather looking new.

It's ideal for equine leather tack including saddles, bridles, harnesses, and riding boots, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Use Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner regularly to keep your leather looking and performing its best.

Directions For Use

Always test Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner on a small, hidden area before each use. CAUTION: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUEDE OR EXTREMELY SOFT LEATHER. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

  1. Shake well. If leather is dirty, clean it first with Lexol Leather Cleaner.
  2. Apply Neatsfoot to a clean cloth or sponge and apply Neatsfoot over entire cleaned surface.
  3. After a few minutes, wipe off excess and buff with a clean cloth.