Bock's Multi-Loc Leg Bands- Electro-Welded Numbered : Purple



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Bock's Multi-Loc leg bands are used for easy animal identification and tagging. These colorful, economical leg bands offer flexibility in herd identification. They are available in 8 colors, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, red, pink or purple. Electro-Welded numbers, the most permanent way to mark. 1 o 6 digits.

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Bock's was the first company to introduce an identification leg band, and did so in 1959. The first leg band was simply a piece of banding with holes and a metal buckle. It was a great start, but the buckle would catch, affecting retention. The product has steadily improved over the years and exists today as the patented Multi-Loc leg band. With many millions sold, it has been Bock's most popular product for many years.

The Multi-Loc leg band is designed to meet the special needs of dairymen. Providing eye level identification, the product is now used in conjunction with ear tags and/or neck tags. When properly installed above the ankle, it rides away from most problems.

The colorful, economical leg bands offer flexibility in herd identification. They can indicate a temporary condition such as mastitis, antibiotics, etc., or actually number the animals individually. They are easy to attach, and easy to remove and re-use, if desired.

The Multi-Loc leg band is a one piece, 13" x 1 ½", non-rigid EVA plastic band. The material is not affected by hot or cold weather. They are sold as blanks for self-marking, or factory-numbered using Bock's exclusive Electro-Weld hot melt method, the most permanent way to mark.

The leg bands are available in 8 colors for the dairyman's convenience: red, yellow, white, blue, green, orange, purple, and pink. Black numbers/letters are standard, with white and red also available.

Worded leg bands (CAUTION, DRY, TREATED, or DRY COW, ) are available either hot stamped or Electro-Welded. White letters are standard on red worded leg bands only. Bock's leg bands have been in the marketplace for over 50 years, and are the premier leg band in North America. They are so well accepted that in many areas, leg bands of all sorts are referred to as "Multi-Locs."

1-6 digits available. 1-3 for junior leg bands. Also see our Multi-Loc junior legband,  Bock's Velcro legbands, Bock's Neck straps, and other Bock I.D. products.