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KetoCheck is a test material used to detect the presence of ketone bodies in milk, urine or plasma. Ketosis or the presence of ketones (acetones) in lactating cows occurs within a few days to six to eight weeks after calving. Ketosis is usually indicated by a cow going off feed, loss of weight, nervousness, and high excitability. There is also a loss of milk production.

It is easy to use with urine, milk, or plasma. It is fast, reliable, accurate, and economical.


(1) Place a small quantity (1-2 gm) of KetoCheck™ powder on plain white surface.

(2) Deposit one to two drops of milk, urine or plasma onto the powder.

(3) Read results after two minutes noting any change in color of the powder.

(4) A purple color denotes a positive test. If test is positive, contact a veterinarian. Colostrum milk during the first 96 hours after calving may not provide a suitable test sample.