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A new formula of Colostrx intended to provide important nutrients to the newborn calf when maternal colostrum is in short supply or of poor quality. Aids in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity and aids in the prevention of death associated with E. coli K99.

Includes: Dehydrated first day Bovine Colostrum, dried milk proteins, viable lactic acid bacteria, essential vitamins and minerals”. The dehydrated first day Bovine Colostrum is a “whey based” colostrum.

Made from maternal bovine colostrum collected from U.S. Grade A dairies
• First-day colostrum with bioactive
components and broad spectrum
antibody content
• Product tested and guaranteed to be
antibiotic-free, synthetic hormone-free,
and disease-free
• Delivering 50 g and 100 g of bovine
origin IgG and full dose of E.coli K99
antibody from maternal colostrum
• Contains colostral fat, proteins,
carbohydrates and numerous
bioactives from maternal colostrum


Mix 1 x 350gm package into 1 1/2 quarts of clean warm water (100 to 100 degrees). Feed to calf by pail, bottle, or oral feeder.