Hot Shot Duraprod Rechargeable Livestock Prod with 32" Flexible Shaft

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The Hot Shot DuraProd Rechargeable Livestock Prod and 32" Flexshaft deliver consistent, superior performance in a new ergonomic design. Benefits include: Durability—sealed circuit ensures unit will work in all conditions.  Reliability—tested using six proprietary measures to ensure consistent performance. Safety—new patent pending Circuit Isolation Technology reduces feedback shock during use.

 User Comfort—new handle design featuring rubber overmolded grip, oversized trigger and hand guard.

Does not include charger!!!

It is illegal to ship or carry these products outside the United States! LCI agrees to sell you this product only under the condition that you will not ship or carry it outside the U.S. without a Federal Export License.

• Never use the DuraProd™ on humans.• KEEP THE UNIT AWAY FROM CHILDREN.
• The DuraProd™ generates a high voltage pulse, and you should never touch the electrodes while the
unit is activated.
• Clean, dry and store DuraProd™ in dry environment. Remove batteries prior to cleaning or drying
TAKE STEPS TO THOROUGHLY DRY UNIT OUT to avoid corrosion and/or unintended feedback • Use in a well ventilated area. Do not use near flammable liquids or dust.
• Whenever the Prod is not in use, move the trigger lock to the lock position.
• Intended for ground level use only
The DuraProd™ is an electric livestock prod designed to assist in the movement of cattle and hogs.
The DuraProd™ uses batteries to power an electronic circuit that generates a high voltage pulse.
This pulse is delivered by touching the animal with the two electrodes.
Animal Protection
Please follow the regulations that apply to animal protection & slaughtering in your area.
To activate this prod move trigger button to unlock position, touch the two brass prongs on the end
of the prod to the animal and press the trigger button. A light tough against the animal gives the
most effective results. Only apply a shock to the animal as required.
Changing Batteries
Before attempting to remove the battery compartment, make sure the trigger lock is engaged (located
on the bottom of the handle).
Removing & Reinstalling the Battery Pack:
1. Detach the battery compartment from the end of the DuraProd™ by applying pressure to the
opposing black tabs connecting the compartment to the handle.
2. As you squeeze the tabs, lightly pull the compartment away from the handle.
3. The compartment should come free with little effort.
4. For reinstallation of the Battery Pack: depress Battery Pack tabs and snap onto Motor unit to
For the ALKALINE BATTERY PACK (item # DXABP), the batteries are secured in the Battery Pack by a
twist-off cap. To remove and replace:
• Twist off the cap by turning the top counterclockwise.
• Remove all batteries and insert the new ones according to the diagram.
• Replace the cap, press firmly, and turn clockwise.
For the RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK (item # DXRBP), the Battery Pack needs to be placed in the
THAN R12 AND R110. This can cause severe
damage to the batteries, and will void any warranty.
• To charge, place the pack into the base, making sure the charger cord is properly plugged into
the Charger Base and a working power supply.
• The LED light will turn on and continue to flash until the battery is fully charged (approx. 16
• After 16 hours the LED light will stop flashing and remain on (solid light). The Charger Base has
an internal timer. If the Battery Pack is removed from the base, the timer will reset.
• Do not disassemble the Charger Base. There are no serviceable parts inside. Disassembly will void
the warranty.
• Unplug the Charger Base when not in use.
• Never expose the Charger Base to moisture.
• The Battery Pack can remain in the Charger Base for an extended period of time without damage.

When the Battery Pack is fully charged, reattach the pack onto the DuraProd™ by “snapping” it onto
the handle. Do not disassemble the Rechargeable Battery Pack. There are no serviceable parts
inside. Disassembly of the Rechargeable Battery Pack will void product warranty. The Rechargeable
Battery Pack will need to be fully charged before the prod can be used for the first time. The
DuraProd™ is now ready for use.
Break-in your new Rechargeable Battery Pack.
It is important to properly condition or break-in your new Rechargeable Battery Pack in order to
maximize its life and performance. New Rechargeable Battery Packs arrive in a discharge condition
and must be fully charged before use. This conditioning charge may take up to 16-24 hours. It is
recommended that you fully charge and fully discharge your Rechargeable Battery Pack 2-4 times to
allow the batteries to reach its rated capacity. The term ‘fully discharge’ means to use the
Rechargeable Battery Pack in the Hot-Shot® device under normal conditions until the device no
longer operates correctly. It is a good idea to have a second battery pack charged and ready when
the first battery pack discharges.
Keep the Rechargeable Battery Pack clean and dry!
It is good maintenance to clean the Rechargeable Battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol or
use a pencil eraser to remove any dirt or grime. When storing the Rechargeable Battery Pack, wipe
it down with a clean dry cloth and store it in a cool dry place away from heat sources and any
metal objects.
Rechargeable batteries must be disposed of properly and may not be disposed of in the municipal
waste stream. Miller Mfg. Co. is a member of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation and
pays a licensing fee for each rechargeable battery we sell. This means you can dispose of your
rechargeable battery for free at one of the thousands of disposal sites across the nation. To find
a listing of locations by City or Zip Code visit or call toll-free
877-2-RECYCLE. Please note that only the DXRBP is recyclable all other HOT-SHOT® Prod components
are not covered  by this program.
Using the HOT-SHOT®  DuraProd™
• Make sure the trigger lock is in the “down” or “unlocked” position.
• Apply the electrodes to the muscle of the hind leg of the animal. Press and release trigger.
Never touch the prod to an animals face, ears, head area, or genitals.
• As an alternative method, press the trigger and then touch the animal.
The DuraProd™ is a humane means for moving stubborn animals when other methods are ineffective.
Never hold the electrodes on an animal for an extended period while the trigger is depressed.
Maintaining your HOT-SHOT® DuraProd™
It is important to keep you HOT-SHOT® DuraProd™ clean and dry for best performance. Follow proper
maintenance after each use.
1) Thoroughly CLEAN AND DRY the HOT-SHOT® Livestock Prod after each use:
a. Remove shaft from handle and dry connection area of shaft and handle
b. Wipe handle with a dry cloth, particularly around the trigger button and battery compartment
2. Inspect shaft tip for damage or excessive wear and replace as necessary
3. Store with shaft separated from unit to allow for complete drying in areas that can't be wiped
4. The HOT-SHOT® Prod handle may be stored lying down, the shaft may be hung from shaft hang hole
in the tip