Horseshoers Secret Hoof Conditioner : 32oz

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Absorbs quickly to condition dry hooves and prevent cracks, splits and contracted heels. Exclusive pine-tar-free moisturizing formula with avocado oil deep conditions hooves. Includes glycerine to attract moisture and mineral oil to hold moisture in. Helps repair damaged hooves.

The exclusive moisturizing formula penetrates deep to condition and protect hooves like no other hoof dressing. High in essential fatty acids and natural moisturizers. Avocado oil penetrates deep to stimulate collagen production at the coronary band. Glycerine attracts moisture to the hoof, while mineral oil helps lock it in. Helps restore damaged hooves and prevents cracks, splits and contracted heels. Enhances color, sheen and texture of hooves.

Active Ingredients:

Avocado Oil 0.80%, Glycerine 4.50%, Lecithin 0.80%

Inactive Ingredients:

Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Laurel Oil, Preservative


1. Before applying, pick out soles and make sure hooves are clean, dry and free of debris.
2. Brush into the sole, frog and bulbs of the heel to condition and protect the bottom of the hoof.
3. Apply to hoof wall to restore the periople, retain moisture and put on a natural sheen.
4. Massage into coronary band above the hoof wall to promote healthy new hoof growth.
5. Repeat as needed.

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