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A hoof pick with a vinyl-covered handle in assorted colors (our choice) . 4 3/4" long.  Easily remove mud, rocks, manure and more.  Features a hanging hole in the handle; great for the shop, barn and trailer.

How to pick up a horse's foot:

  • Step 1

         Make sure the horse is haltered and tied securly to a post, tie ring or in crossties.

  • Step 2

    Bring all grooming supplies to the horse. Act casual and breathe as regularly as possible, even if the horse is fighting.

  • Step 3

    Stand at the horse's left front shoulder, facing the tail. Place one hand gently on the horse's shoulder and in the other hand hold the hoof pick.

  • Step 4

    Think as clearly as you can about your horse standing calmly and lifting his or her hoof for you. Even tell the horse what you want him or her to do. Expect the horse to lift the hoof, just as you expect a horse to quietly follow you when you are leading him or her.

  • Step 5

    Slowly bend down, slide your least dominant hand down the leg and rest on the hoof. Brace yourself. Try to lift the hoof. If the hoof doesn't come up, proceed to Step 6, otherwise clean the hoof out and then gently set it down.

  • Step 6

    Quickly press your left shoulder into the shoulder of your horse to shove him just a little off balance. Meanwhile, still expect the hoof to lift. When the horse's weight shifts, there will be a lack of resistance to lifting the hoof. Just brace yourself if and when the horse decides to rest some of her weight on you. Clean the hoof and gently set back down.

  • Step 7

    Repeat for the other three hooves.