Hoof Boss Electric Hoof Trimmer Horse Kit 110V US & Canada

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The Hoof Boss Electric Hoof Trimmer Horse Kit is designed for the horse owner who needs a hardworking and easy-to-use trimming tool. The new generation tool features a lever type paddle on & off switch. The paddle has a safety tab that is manually depressed to turn the tool on and released to turn the tool off. The Horse Set comes with 4 extra discs. 30005

The safety tab will reposition itself to keep the tool from accidently turning on.

You can use the Electric Hoof Trimmer along with four extra discs to quickly and effortlessly trim the hoof walls, sole and flare with smooth results every time. The Electric Hoof Trimmer Horse set can meet all your basic trimming and hoof maintenance needs.

The Electric Hoof Knife’s design makes trimming pain-free, and the tool is quiet, comfortable, and easy to control so you can feel confident putting your animal’s hoof care in your hands.

Note- This is the same tool as the 'Electric Hoof Knife' but with the new added feature 'Paddle Switch' and new name 'Hoof Boss Trimmer'