Handi Grip 4qt/lt Bottle with Ring, Nipple, and Cap

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Handi Grip Uniquely designed 4-qt. (4-liter) bottle used for colostrum storage, as a feeder bottle with a nipple in feeding or providing electrolytes to calves. Easy-grip handle enables user to tilt the container at any angle and maintain control. Durable and versatile, allowing user to freeze colostrum.

High density polyethylene bottle

•70mm neck finish allows ease in cleaning after any usage whether colostrum, nursing, or electrolyte delivery

•Uniquely designed easy grip handle enabling user to tilt the container at any angle and maintain control of the container

•Specialty caps providing adaptability allow the container to be used as a nipple feeder or a storage container

•High volume capacity up to one gallon or 4 liters of colostrum or electrolytes

•Durable and versatile, allows user to freeze colostrum

•Configuration of the bottle provides for easy storage in a freezer compartment

•High value storage cap provides for extended use or abuse with secure interface between cap and container

•Feeder bottle is manufactured to be used in automatic washers as well as used in conventional feeding racks

•Adaptable neck finish available for use with roll on nipples like Calf-Maid® or other roll / slip on nipples

•Handle and body are easily cleaned internally using a long handled brush