Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Dogs : 4oz



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  • Cleans dog teeth without brushing
  • Removes plaque and tartar and also helps to freshen dog breath
  • Helps maintain healthy gums
  • Easy-to-use gel serves to remedy bad breath in dogs as well as reduce plaque and tartar

Specially formulated with the care and needs of dogs in mind, TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Dogs makes for an easy and convenient way for you to maintain good dog dental health. Developed to work fast, this special teeth gel for dogs naturally helps to reduce plaque and tartar in dog teeth without requiring a toothbrush or doggie toothpaste. In addition, this innovative gel works to freshen dog breath. Featuring a proprietary blend of natural and holistic ingredients that produce a healthy oral environment, this gel works to effectively remedy bad breath in dogs by killing the canine oral germs that cause bad breath, plaque and even gingivitis. Meanwhile, this special formula helps to soothe minor gum irritations.

Without proper dental care on a regular basis, 70% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to canine tooth loss or other serious health problems. Promote good dog dental health by implementing proper dog dental maintenance today with this fast-acting dog teeth gel as well as other dog dental products.